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Mama Pho 172

Mama Pho 172

172 Bedford Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11249

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PHO (SOUP) Protein served over bean sprouts & rice stick noodles. Topped with basil, onions, cilantro, jalapenos, & lime. Beef broth served on the side and is made from beef bone and various spices that include star anise, ginger, onion and clove. Served with hoisin & sriracha sauce (combined). If ordering the rib eye pho, the broth comes hot, but once delivered please bring to boiling temp to ensure meat cooks when combined

BANH MI (SANDWICH) Protein served in a toasted baguette with pate (chicken) and mayo, topped with picked carrots, cilantro, cucumber, black pepper & soy sauce.


SUMMER ROLLS Basil, rice vermicelli noodles, cucumber, shredded papaya, shredded carrots and choice of protein wrapped in rice paper. Served with Pate Peanut sauce.

PAPAPYA SALADS Shredded papaya and carrots, topped with peanuts, basil, shredded cucumber and choice of protein. Served with fish sauce vinaigrette.

NOODLE SALADS Protein served over rice vermicelli, shredded papaya & carrots. Topped with basil & shredded cucumber. Served with fish sauce vinaigrette.




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