Your morning coffee shop. Your favorite sushi joint. The place you grab a pizza when you don’t feel like cooking. Local restaurants are an indispensible part of our lives. Leapset is a whole new way to discover, enjoy and support the places close to home.

Order with a tap. Or a click.

Leapset is the smart way to order online. It’s fast and easy, and you can have your food prepared exactly the way you like it.

A whole new way to interact.

Leapset makes even more of your restaurant experience.

Get Rewarded

Go beyond the punch card and get recognized for being a loyal customer. Leapset keeps track of reward points you earn from the places you visit most.

Be in the know

Leapset keeps you connected with the goings-on in your neighborhood and sends alerts about special offers at your favorite places.

Keep tab of your tabs

Save a record of what you ate and where. You’ll have a handy reminder of your expenses and where you had that awesome Kung Pao chicken.