What You Get.

More Sales, More Productivity.

More Customers

Access to 100 million active PayPal users. Your business featured in the PayPal mobile app.

More Insights

Provide a better experience by knowing what your PayPal customers buy, and when.

More Productivity

Paying with PayPal is quicker, so your staff can focus on serving more customers.

More Loyalty

Build coupons and incentives around what really matters to your customers.

Decrease Fraud

PayPal customers are verified: no need to worry about stolen cards or bounced checks.

Easy to Pay.

It’s quick and simple for customers.

In the PayPal app, customer clicks on the "Local" button and selects a store from the list.

Customer slides the pin shape down to the dotted outline to let the store know he’s arrived.

At the register, customer says he wants to pay with PayPal. His PayPal account is debited and she’s automatically checked out.

Use PayPal With Leapset

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  • Get more customers
  • Increase efficiency
  • Gain valuable insights
  • Offer another way to pay