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Square Pizza Co.

Square Pizza Co.

4508 Cass St. #C
San Diego, CA 92109

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THE SQUARES Our baseline squares, aka Beach Pizza, have thin and crisp crust, with generous amounts of signature sauce, premium blend of cheeses and extra toppings of choice, like the best sellers provolone and pepperoni.

DETROIT RED TOP Thick and fluff, framed with a border of crisp golden brown cheese, specialty of choice and topped with two “racing stripes’ of a savory organic tomato sauce, whole pie specialties (6 squares). Daily limited quantity.

FROZEN SQUARES Take your thin crust squares, baked 80%, to finish baking at home and have your fresh squares as it is or with your favorite topping.

DESSERT Our home made cannoli filling is to die for! Give it a try, with optional chocolate chips topping for the chocolate lovers.




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