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The Scone Age Bakery and Cafe

The Scone Age Bakery and Cafe

332 Skinner Blvd
Dunedin, FL 34698

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SALADS Our salads are made fresh to order and are served with your choice of scratch-made dressing - honey mustard (does not contain mayo) or balsamic vinaigrette.

SANDWICHES Our sandwiches are served on our freshly baked breads and served with a small side salad.

LIGHT FARE Our light fare are items which are made from our freshly-baked goods, or which compliment them. But that doesn't mean they aren't satisfying!

BRUNCH - WEEKENDS ONLY Our brunch is served on Saturdays and Sundays from opening to closing. These are extra special items which are made from scratch and require a bit of extra time to prepare, so we ask for your patience.

SCONES We make traditional Scottish Scones, not the American version. Though they don't come in a bunch of flavors, there nothing plain about them. They have a crisp exterior and a light interior and taste amazing, especially with our scratch-made clotted cream and jam.

BRIOCHES We make our authentic French brioche using traditional methods, taking 40 minutes to knead in the butter. The process takes about 18 hours in all, but seeing your face when you take a bite makes it worth all of the work. Please call in advance to make sure we have some.

BREADS Artisan breads are baked fresh daily. Please call to confirm we have what you want before ordering. We suggest you order the day before to ensure we have what you want.

KETO All of our Keto items are made from the finest ingredients, including grass fed dairy, organic pasture raised eggs, freshly milled nuts, and pure monk fruit and our house made organic stevia extract. NO processed, made-in-a-lab ingredients here! We want healthy Sconers!


COOKIES & BARS Our bars are often made with seasonal ingredients, so call ahead to see what our flavors are.

SPECIAL ORDERS We are happy to bake custom cakes and pies for you by special order like holiday goodies, birthday cakes, etc. Please specify regular, gluten-free or crustless. Also tell us of any food allergies.


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