Does your cash register or POS keep you
on top of your business and in touch
with your customers?

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Leapset delivers more customers, lower costs,
and greater control. All at no risk.

The world is changing. Your tools need to keep up.

Your customers are online. They’re mobile. They’re social. And they expect you to be, too.

The Leapset advantage.

Leapset offers increased control, reduced costs and increased revenue through:

More Customers

Leapset provides tools to market your business and bring in new customers - among our programs are online ordering, hassle-free loyalty programs, and the ability to promote specials directly to each customer’s smart phone.

Lower Costs

Start saving money immediately by lowering credit card fees, working more efficiently so you can reduce hours, and cutting poor-performing items from your menu.

Greater Control

Real-time information helps you optimize your business by reporting exactly what you sell, how much you sell, how your staff is performing and which specials and promotions are working.

Open Platform

Leapset is developing a range of new apps and services designed to help you run your business better—from inventory to scheduling and more.

A Risk-Free Approach

With Leapset there are:

  • Low monthly fees
  • No long-term contracts

Let’s grow your business. Together.

We grow when you grow. Let us show you how.

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